Middle Market Resources

Strategic Acquisitions


A corporate development strategy that is well thought out can provide a competitive advantage and is an important part of any company's medium and long-term value creation plan.

As a process focused Strategic M&A firm, Middle Market Resources will provide full or augmented advisory services to support your strategic growth planning and execution of strategic acquisitions. We utilize a planned and repeatable execution process that consists of the following key factors:


The Middle Market Resources acquisition program process begins with the development of a strategic roadmap, one that takes into account the corporate strategy, capabilities, portfolio objectives and industry structure. The purpose here is to determine where the enterprise is positioned within the value spectrum and identify where the enterprise should focus its future acquisition objectives.


Once the strategic roadmap and objectives have been developed, MMR works with key management and stakeholders to develop the appropriate internal deliverables and approval process.


We will have developed a defined set of criteria to enable proper strategic fit target selection and approach strategies. Once the target list is complete, we will identify those candidates that are willing to begin initial discussions. MMR will assist the client in preparing Board level documentation for the final selection of a candidate.


MMR will assist the client in all facets of the acquisition including transaction project management and preparation of supporting documentation for final Board / Ownership approval. The final outcome – a successful transaction and strategic business acquisition.


Integration of a newly acquired company may take two years to complete - depending on the experience level and resources of the acquiring company. This time period can be used to initiate activity on its next acquisition and repeat the cycle once again. Developing core competencies within this in-organic growth strategy can greatly impact enterprise value creation.

Client characteristics:

- Corporations (N. America/international) seeking beachhead entry or add-ons
- Private Equity Group (N. America/international) seeking portfolio platform and add-ons
- Private companies (N. America) seeking in-organic growth strategy