Middle Market Resources

Strategic Business Sales


Sales Middle Market Resources is a process focused M&A advisory firm. As a result, we are not concerned with the volume of clients we represent but rather the quality of our work and our high success rate. After all, our primary goals are quality relationships and successful transactions.

In addition to fulfilling routine transactional support, MMR differentiates through four key factors:


MMR fully vets all sell-side clients to understand exactly their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities & goals. In essence, we examine the potential for a strategic sale by identifying the core value-added contributors of the client company - those attributes that position the company as highly desirable to a select group of strategic acquirers.


By utilizing strategic mapping, gap analysis and energy industry value chain analysis, we can determine a “best strategic fit” win-win solution for our clients and counterparties. MMR continually monitors the energy industry by analyzing potential acquirers’ corporate and portfolio management strategies.


By thoroughly understanding the goals & objectives of our clients and those of potential strategic acquirers, Middle Market Resources is able to effectively target those acquirers that have a defined need for your company’s products and/or services. Many M&A advisory firms use a broadcast approach which can compromise confidentiality and management expense & time. At MMR, we eliminate wasted time and effort by specifically targeting strategic acquirers that have a defined need and ability to offer peak value.


The utilization of our project management capabilities during the execution phase of the transaction will ensure that any potential obstacles are mitigated, dealt with directly and that all participants are focused on achieving the end goal – a successful transaction and strategic business exit.

Client characteristics:

- Participant in the energy industry value chain
- USA or Canada
- Manufacturer or service provider
- EBITDA minimum of $1MM
- Contribution Margin minimum of $1.5MM for portfolio/product line divestiture or re-locatable tuck-in candidates